I LOVE my Inviting Company Invitations!

Users review their Inviting Company Orders

July, 15 2013

I bought (the third one in the third square) because I wanted a good invitation for a girls baby shower that had fashion and durability like it looked, other than buying flimsy cheap ones from target or walmart. I recieved the product and was very happy. I love the look of the item and the way its layed out on the inside for you to write in the information.

July, 7 2013

The Inviting Company invitations were really cute. It had a lot of room to write and alot of room to add more info on the sides of the card. they were good quality too.

June, 8 2013

Very happy with my purchase. Does a great job of revealing the baby shower information... Who, When, Where, Hosted By, etc. Plenty of room to add information on the sides as another reviewer mentioned or even add a sonogram picture perhaps. Nice color, nice weight to the invitations-- not flimsy. The envelopes are slightly too large lengthwise for the card but this made no difference to me. I haven't tried to seal the envelopes yet but I purchased envelope seals (stickers) just in case they don't have the best adhesive. These invitations are a great deal. I can't wait to send them out and they're perfect for my themed shower.

May, 2 2013

This is a great invitation. I received a lot of compliments on the invitations and the matching address labels. I especially liked the invitations because they had a line to put the groom's name which many invitations don't. All the guests enjoyed bringing the bride their favorite recipe to the shower, and the bride appreciated having a momento from each guest.